About the participation and application

Is it possible to participate in different categories (participant, professor and Project Advisor)?

No. Applicants can only be enrolled in one of the categories.

Is it possible students and professors to enroll as Project Advisors?

Yes, as long as they only participate as Project advisor.

Is the Project Advisor application limited to Portugal only?

No. Applications as Project advisor in the Contest is open to anyone as long as they have knowledge that can be deemed relevant to help groups in a particular area.

It is possible to choose the project that you want to support?

No. The selection of the Project advisor is done by the participants, according to the specific needs that they identify during the development of the Project and the fields that they wish to complement.

Is it possible to refuse support for groups who request it?

Yes. Before the support of a Project advisor is validated to a particular group, the contacts of both parties are facilitated so that they can interact and assess if that Project advisor will be able to provide support. There must be a consensus between the two parties.

Is it possible to support more than one group?

Yes. If more than one group selects the same project advisor and that project advisor agrees with those groups, he/she can support different groups. It is important that project advisors in these situations do not commit support if they cannot do it. Project advisors should be impartial.

Is the participation granted just by being enrolled as Project Advisor?

No. The groups may not request the support of a certain Project advisor, so the application does not grant a participation in the Contest.

About the Awards ceremony

Is it mandatory that the Project Advisor goes at the Awards ceremony?

No. To be selected as finalists and winner, the group must be represented by at least one of the student participants. It is not necessary to have all the members of the group, professors or project advisors.

Could project advisors participate in the presentation of the Project at the awards ceremony?

No. The presentation must be undertook by one of the group elements (student). The presentation of by the professor or Project advisor is not allowed.