In the spirit of the 11st edition of the ANGELINI UNIVERSITY AWARD! 2019/2020, that has the motto “Less Pain, More Life!”, Angelini has launched a contest for the media related with to this subject. With the aim of raising public awareness for pain issues, the Journalism Prize is targeted for journalists of the press, digital and audiovisual media.


Pain is a wide subject and the scope of the works to be submitted to the contest will be very diverse. However, taking into consideration the motto of the 11st edition Angelini University Award! 2019/2020, “Less Pain, More Life!”, it will be given special attention to the articles that address at least one the following aspects:

  • New metrics for pain assessment/classification;
  • New pharmacological products for pain management;
  • The technologies in the diagnosis and treatment – e.g. virtual reality;
  • Alternative and complementary therapies for pain relief;
  • Pain support line:
  • Training for pain prevention through life styles – e.g. treatment through physical exercise, ergonomics – programs and devices, etc.


Application until the October, 30th of 2020.


It will considered as being eligible the works published or broadcasted by a media organization in Portugal between January 1st and October 30th, 2020 that have as main subject Pain.