According to the 9th Article of the Regulation of the Contest, each group must fill all fields of the application form. The contacts should be as direct as possible, including that of the professor (if applicable).

While filling in the form, you must also upload a proof of enrolment at a university and a consent for the processing of personal data for every element of the group (if the group has a professor, the professor must also sig the consent). If you are unable to upload the documentation, please send it to the e-mail of the contest. The template of the consent can be downloaded here: consent for the processing of personal data.

There is only one field to where to upload the proof of enrollment. Therefore, if you have more than one document, you must combine them into one file (example: join several PDF files into a ZIP file). There is also only one field for the upload of the consents, hence you must proceed likewise.

After submitting the form, your group will receive an e-mail from our team that validates your enrollment.

If you have any doubt while filling the form, you should contact the number (+351) 91 555 91 85, or send an email to

Important! If you have any difficulty while uploading the proof of enrolment or the consents send it by email and fullfill the application form with the information about all group elements.

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