Angelini Group  

Leader in the wellness industry, a point of reference in the field of health protection, Angelini is the natural choice for daily wellbeing. Angelini’s mission is to be close to people, meeting their daily needs with effective, reliable and highquality products that are widespread and accessible, ensuring constant and tangible wellbeing.

Angelini pharma is present with its branches in 15 countries where it operates with about 2.700 people, including 100 researchers and a commercial structure of 1.000 individuals.

Angelini in Portugal

Angelini in Portugal have extensive offer of pharmaceutical products and is  one of the most widespread pharmaceutical laboratory’s in the market: prescription medicines, free sale medication, cosmetics, food supplements, are some of products categories commercialized at a local level.

The most well-known brands are Tantum (Oral Care), Barral (Cosmetics), Amukina (Disinfection) Magnesium OK and Magnesium B (Food Supplements) and other products focuses on therapeutic areas.