2021 Edition

Health crisis solutions – Identify, manage and care

All higher education students in the field of health are invited to produce projects related with this scope, which can be considered approaches of a scientific, technological, economic, financial and environmental nature, taking into account, in particular, themes as Medicine, Public Health, Pharmacy, Nursing, Biotechnology, Biomedicine, Psychology, Social Work and others, in the health area, with relevance to the scope.

What is it?

Angelini University Award! is an initiative promoted by Angelini Pharma for university students attending university level education in the field of health in Portugal, which aims to create opportunities for participants to put their academic knowledge into practice in a project close to the business and social reality.

Angelini Pharma is committed to promoting the well-being of patients and healthcare professionals, continuously investing nationally and abroad in research, education and literacy projects.

Angelini University Award! it is a way to foster contact with the company among the university public, encouraging them to interact with the company in the development of an area of such high importance to society, Health.

Suggested Subjects

Mental health in times of pandemic

  • Management of uncertainty/stress;
  • Prevention and treatment of anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress and burnout;
  • Strategies of coping/resilience;
  • Strategies to combat psychologic suffering.

Prevention and diagnosis

  • Strategies for remedying pandemics at global, national, regional or local level (specially for risk groups);
  • Control, monitoring and screening of health status through app/platforms using algorithms;
  • Magnetic and optical biosensors integrated in microfluids that identify specific nucleic acid sequences, detection of antibodies or cells;
  • Tests: faster and more effective detection;
  • Symptom detection devices (e.g. thermal for detecting fever);
  • Vaccination/immunization plans.

Medical/Hospital Services

  • Portable oxygen delivery devices;
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s);
  • 3D printing of parts for medical equipment: pulmonary ventilator and respirator components, cannulas, clips, valves, visors, etc;
  • Sterilization systems for spaces and equipment (hospital or support structures);
  • IT platform for information recording, contact tracking, active and passive surveillance and clinical records;
  • Team and resource management systems (local, regional and national);
  • Repository of relevant scientific studies;
  • Simplification of protocols/best practices processes, models and procedures.

Relevant scientific research on the pandemic

  • New scientific evolutions;
  • Case studies.


  • Drug delivery systems;
  • Home patient monitoring systems.

Social support for health professionals

  • Social and family support networks;
  • Food, hygiene products, etc;
  • Rest safe.


  • Manuals/platforms for simulation and training of health professionals;
  • Training for health professionals in decision making in disaster situations;
  • Training in communicating bad news.


The participants will have a learning opportunity while participating in the contest.

The Angelini University Award! end will take place on an Awards Ceremony, where the best projects will be invited to present and it will be announced who are the finalists and winners. Two groups will be distinguished with a monetary prize.





Other distinctions:

  • Support in accessing partners and entities that are relevant to the implementation of the project (namely scientific entities, specialists, business angels, acceleration and incubation programs, or other types of support)
  • Diploma of participation for all participants
  • Dissemination of the project on social networks and the Media
  • Possibility of internship

Consult the regulation (only in Portuguese)


March 2021
Launch of Angelini University Award! 2020/2021
12nd April 2021
Applications deadline
20th May 2021
Eliminatory phase – Deadline to send the form
20th July 2021
Delivery of the projects deadline
Ouctober 2021
Semifinalists announcement
November 2021
Awards Ceremony